RED 120 micron Standard Debris Bag


All Bags Now Include Optional Elastic Cord Locking System
New! Now all Vacbagz come with the optional Elastic (bungee) Cord Locking System already included!

Introducing the VB-120 M Fine Red Pool Vacuum Bag – the ultimate solution for a crystal-clear pool! Cleaning your pool has never been easier with this reliable and efficient mesh bag. Designed to be compatible with all major swimming pool power vacuums like Hammerhead, Powervac, Riptide, and The Bottom Feeder, you'll have no trouble using and identifying this vibrant red bag.

Crafted from top-quality materials, this pool vacuum bag is built to withstand the test of time. Measuring 13" W x 22" L for The Bottom Feeder and 15" W x 22" L for Hammerhead / Riptide / Power Vac 120 M, it's the perfect size for capturing leaves, sand, or silt. The fine mesh effectively traps even the tiniest particles, ensuring your pool is left sparkling clean.

Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with the VB-120 M Fine Red Pool Vacuum Bag and experience hassle-free maintenance. Busy pool owners can now effortlessly maintain their pools without sacrificing precious time. Don't settle for less – choose the VB-120 M Fine Red Pool Vacuum Bag and enjoy the ultimate convenience and efficiency in pool cleaning!

RED 120 micron standard debris bag

It's a breeze to pick which Vacbagz is best for any particular job:

  • Easy-to-identify color system
  • Double stitching gives extra strength
  • Sturdy 5mm cord - strong and durable
  • Long-lasting use with harsh pool chemicals

Vacbagz are 100% compatible with all battery operated power pool vacuums:

The Bottom FeederRiptideHammerheadPower Vac