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"Choosing the Right Vacuum Replacement Bags for Every Season: A Pool Tech's Guide"

As pool service technicians, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job, and this includes using the right vacuum replacement bags. At, we're excited to introduce a range of professional battery-operated vacuum replacement bags designed to meet the specific needs of pool maintenance throughout the year.

When it comes to spring and summer, we offer 65 or 80 micron fine dust debris bags. These bags are tailored to effectively capture finer debris commonly found in pool maintenance during these seasons. Whether it's dust, pollen, or other smaller particles, our fine dust debris bags are up to the task of keeping your pool clean and clear.

For year-round use, our standard 120 micron bag is your go-to option. It effectively collects a combination of most dust and leaves that pools can accumulate, making it a versatile and reliable choice for daily maintenance tasks.

As we transition into the winter months, our 140 micron bags come into play, along with our big 3mm leaf bag. These options are specifically designed to handle heavier-duty debris, such as leaves and larger particles that are common during the colder seasons. The 140 micron and 3mm leaf bag are winter's best friends, ensuring that heavy-duty debris is no match for our high-quality bags.

By being smart and using the right bag for the right situation, pool techs can work smarter, not harder. At, our goal is to provide pool service technicians with the tools and equipment they need to streamline their maintenance processes, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective results.

Stay tuned, as our vacuum replacement bags will soon be available at your favorite pool supply houses. We're dedicated to providing pool techs with the best products to enhance their work and make pool maintenance a breeze.

Ready to take your pool maintenance to the next level? Choose for all your vacuum replacement bag needs

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