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About Us

Pools are great, not just for owners, but for the industry that surrounds them. Our founder, Gary Richards has been known as The Pool Guy for many years, and he knows that while it is a great industry, it can sometimes be harder work than it needs to be. The first time Gary bought a replacement vacuum bag, he knew that there was a better way to do things. Poor quality, easily damaged, they made life harder, not easier.

That’s why he founded Vacbagz, to create an easy to use and highly effective solution for pool cleaning. By taking a new approach to vacuum bags, Vacbagz set out to make your life easier, not just from a performance perspective, but just making the logistics of pool cleaning easier too.

To make sure that Vacbagz has created the very best solution for pool maintenance, we partnered with The Bottom Feeder® to create a range of vacuum bags to fit their exceptional equipment, and Vacbagz was born. Using polyester rather than nylon, our bags were designed to perform better from day one, no stretching just predictable, reliable performance every time. A simple to use cord lock system completed the design, because we know it is the little things that make the difference over the working day.

But we also wanted to do more, and here is where our own experience of working on pools has really paid off. Our polyester bags are available in three sizes, 80-micron extra fine, 120-micron everyday use and 140 micron for larger, heavier debris. To make organization easier and speed up the workflow for pool technicians, we color coded each, blue for fine, red for everyday, black for heavy duty, giving at a glance selection for the right bad, every time.

Our range offers reliable quality that makes working on pools less hassle, the color coding saves time and makes sure that whatever you are doing, the right bag is easy to find. Working in partnership with The Bottom Feeder®, we think this is the complete pool cleaning solution that saves technicians time and money on every job.

We hope you love our products today, and we will continue to develop pool products to make life easier for those working in the industry.