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Vacbagz 80/120/140 Micron 3-Bag Combo Pack


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Replacement Debris Bagz For All Seasons

Products for Pool guys, by Pool guys: Efficiently Clean Your Pool with Vacuum Debris Bags by

Calling all pool service techs! Say goodbye to the struggles of pool cleaning with our incredible Pool Vacuum Bags. These bad boys are crafted with exceptional performance in mind, making your job a total breeze. Designed to perfectly fit all battery-operated pool vacuums, they work tirelessly to zap away even the tiniest particles that dare to invade your pool. Leaves? Sayonara! Dirt and sand? Don't stand a chance! Silty debris? Ha, not on our watch! With Vacbagz Pool Vacuum Debris Bags, your pool water will be so clear and inviting, you'll practically want to dive in yourself. Get your hands on the ultimate pool cleaning secret weapon and let the magic unfold!

The Bottom Feeder® | Riptide | Hammer•Head® | Power Vac®

Review of Vacbagz

by Mike the pool guy in LA on the easy-to-identify color-coded, double-stitched w/strong and sturdy durable 5mm cord locking cleat. Long-lasting use with harsh pool chemicals, Vacbagz are 100% compatible with all battery operated power pool vacuums!

Enjoy a Spotless Pool with Vacbagz Debris Bags

The perfect solution for maintaining a pristine pool. Designed with efficiency in mind, this vacuum bag is specially crafted to capture even the tiniest debris, ensuring crystal clear waters for your swimming pleasure. Say goodbye to dirt, leaves, and other unwanted particles that can cloud your pool's beauty.

Simplify Your Pool Cleaning

Discover a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in pool cleaning with VacBagz's innovative products. Our specialized color-coded system takes the guesswork out of choosing the right bag for any type of debris you encounter, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience.

Extend the Lifespan of Your VacBagz with VacPatch

Don't let tears or holes in your VacBagz slow you down. Introducing VacPatch, the ultimate temporary repair solution to keep you up and running and extend the lifespan of your VacBagz.