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How Is Helping Pool Professionals Get More Business

If you're a pool professional looking for ways to make your pool cleaning and maintenance task easier and speedier, this article is for you.

By offering reliable pool cleaning products, is dedicated to helping pool guys speed up their pool cleaning and maintenance work, get more work, and earn more profits.

Find out how including a battery-operated pool vacuum in your arsenal can help you improve your business and how VacBagz helps you in this regard!

Why Use Battery-Operated Pool Vacuums?

Most pool professionals agree on how time-consuming and tiresome pool maintenance is. Add a battery-operated vacuum to your pool maintenance equipment to make your tasks easier. Between cleaning and water filtration, the pool requires at least a few hours of attention. Battery-operated vacuums by Riptide, Hammer•Head®, The Bottom Feeder®, and Power Vac® are here to the rescue.

Nevertheless, choosing the pool vacuum that adapts to the types of pool you clean can be challenging. But if you want an affordable yet effective pool vacuum, a battery-operated one is the best option. They are low-cost, do not need cables or hoses, and help you clean the pools effectively and efficiently, saving you time and effort.

An excellent compromise between a pool robot and a manual vacuum cleaner, a battery-powered vacuum is suitable for small and large pools.

No more hassle of carrying cords and cables. This wireless vacuum only requires regular battery changes. The vacuum can be immersed in water with its dedicated waterproof design. Carefully read the characteristics of each model to choose the most suitable one that best fits your pool cleaning job.

The quicker you complete your job, the more work you get. Thus, using a battery-operated pool vacuum helps you get more business and profit.

Plus, you can easily find accessories for your battery-powered pool vacuum, such as pool vacuum bags, that can capture all forms of debris, from leaves to the finest dust.—Your Battery-Operated Vacuum's Companion

VacBagz offers high-quality fine mesh pool vacuum bags with durable double stitching, high-density fluff, and an efficient cord-locking system.  They are perfect for removing leaves, debris, silt, dust deposits, and extra fine sand. Due to the convenience our products offer, more and more pool guys opt for our pool vacuum bags for their battery-operated vacuums.

The efficient color-coded system makes our bags easily distinguishable for the type of debris you're against. For these and many other features, our pool vacuum bags stand out from the rest providing pool professionals the convenience they look for while performing their tasks.

Compatible with all power pool vacuums, namely Riptide, the Hammer• Head, the Bottom Feeder and Power Vac, VacBagz’s vacuum bags come with a specialized color-coded system that allows you to choose the right bag for the types of debris you're up against.

Bag Type

Micron Rating

Color Code


80 M Pool Vacuum Bag for Extra Fine Dust

80 micron


Perfect for extra fine sand, dust, or silt.

120 M Pool Vacuum Bag for Fine Dust

120 microns


Ideal for leaves, silt, or sand

140 M Pool Vacuum Bag for Standard Leaf Bag

140 microns


Great for leaves, large debris, and small stones

Remember that the smaller the number of microns, the finer the bag!


We hope these practical pool cleaning tips will help you maintain your pool throughout the year. If you own a battery-operated pool vacuum and want extra strong and reliable pool vacuum bags, visit today. Check out our range of vacuum pool bags, each designed for different debris types, from leaves to extra fine dust.

Call (747) 224-1342 or visit our website to explore our pool cleaning products and place your order!

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