Probably like you!  I've tried almost all vacuum bags out there.                          Either the 'Cord Lock' doesn't hold or breaks far too easily. Then two days after receiving my new bag, the stitching comes undone and fine debris particles begin pouring back into the pool water. Lots of 'Duct Tape' to try and make my new investment last, past the unwrapping stage. I find myself needing to use One bag for dust in the Pool's Spa. Then another bag for leaves in the Pool.

I always got confused, as most 'Vacuum bags' are white in color. With a fine eye, you can tell the difference in the Micron Mesh Bags. But when you are on a schedule! What to do? I love the color coordinated nature of these bags. SO  EASY to distinguish. Blue 80 Micron. Red 120 Micron and Black 140 Micron. The micron count is calculated as the amount of Micron holes in 1 inch. The more holes, the finer the bag and more particles it will collect. Try one and enjoy the difference. Whether you have a Bottom Feeder - Riptide - Hammerhead or Powervac. Our bags will work with each of them.

All the Best Gary.

February 24, 2023 — Gary Richards

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