Learn the essential tips for pool servicing from the professionals

Mastering Swimming Pool Chemistry: Essential Tips for Pool Service Professionals

Picture a beautiful swimming pool with crystal-clear water that shines like sapphires in the summer sun. As pool service professionals, you can transform murky waters into inviting oases. However, to...
Pool Vacuum bags at VacBagz

How VacBagz.com Is Helping Pool Professionals Get More Business

By offering reliable pool cleaning products, VacBagz.com is dedicated to helping pool guys speed up their pool cleaning and maintenance work, get more work, and earn more profits.

Find out how including a battery-operated pool vacuum in your arsenal can help you improve your business and how VacBagz helps you in this regard!
June 01, 2023 — Gary Richards
Vacbagz in motion

Get Ready for Free Shipping in May!

After the winds and leaves have gone. The dust settles. That’s the time, we, pool guys need dust bags. Here at Vacbagz.com we have you covered. 
Our Blue 80 Micron Extra fine dust bag is perfect. 
then move on to the 120 micron, the everyday dust & debris bag. 13” neck bagz. Perfect for Tge Bottom feeder vacuum. 15” neck compatible with the Hammerhead. Riptide & Powervac
May 04, 2023 — Gary Richards
Vacbagz.com Will Be at The Western Pool & Spa Show 2023

Vacbagz.com Will Be at The Western Pool & Spa Show 2023

Excited to be at this year's Western Pool & Spa Show as an Exhibitor. March 23,24 & 25th 2023. Come visit with us and check out Our New VACBAGZ in...
March 14, 2023 — Gary Richards
Products for pool guys by pool guys !!

Products for pool guys by pool guys !!

Try one of our Vacbagz and enjoy the difference. Whether you have a Bottom Feeder - Riptide - Hammerhead or Powervac. Our bags will work with each of them.
February 24, 2023 — Gary Richards