Heavy Duty Leaf Debris Bag


All Bags Now Include Optional Elastic Cord Locking System
New! Now all Vacbagz come with the optional Elastic (bungee) Cord Locking System already included!

Vacbagz Heavy Duty Leaf Debris Bag.

Introducing our Heavy Duty Debris Leaf Bag – the perfect solution for tackling those big cleaning jobs in your pool! Designed with 3mm holes, this bag allows water to flow through while effectively capturing all those pesky winter falling leaves.

We've reinforced the seams of this leaf bag with extra stitching and a durable band, ensuring long-lasting strength and durability. No need to worry about the bag giving out during those rigorous cleaning sessions.

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with large amounts of debris. Our Heavy Duty Debris Leaf Bag is specifically designed to handle the toughest jobs, making pool cleaning a breeze.

Upgrade your pool cleaning experience and make light work of those big cleaning tasks with our Heavy Duty Debris Leaf Bag. Get yours today and enjoy a cleaner, clearer pool in no time!

Heavy Duty Leaf Debris Bag

It's a breeze to pick which Vacbagz is best for any particular job:

  • Easy-to-identify color system
  • Double stitching gives extra strength
  • New sturdy 6mm adjustable Elastic (bungee) Cord Locking System
  • Long-lasting use with harsh pool chemicals

Vacbagz are 100% compatible with all battery operated power pool vacuums:

The Bottom FeederRiptideHammerheadPower Vac