We enjoyed the last of the summer with our families this past Labor Day Weekend, but now we focus on Fall and how it affects our weekly service. It's been a hot, hot summer and algae love the heat. If you don't keep your water perfectly sanitized, your water will turn green in less than 24 hours.

While we use a hose vac or battery-operated power debris vacuum like The Bottom Feeder, Hammerhead, Powervac, or Riptide, it reminds us that it has been smooth sailing: a few leaves, primarily fine dust, and the occasional storm. The Bottom Feeder, with the exclusive 57-micron super fine mesh bag, has been an ideal assistant manufactured by us here at Vacbags.com, with a robust and double-stitched reinforced sturdy canvas cuff, rivaling the Hammerhead HH1508 and PowerVac Superfine bag & Riptide Extreme Fine debris bags. Although we have specific 13" neck bags for the Bottom Feeder, we also felt a 15" neck might allow more circulation while collecting debris.

Elastic (bungee) Cord Locking System

Available Oct 1. Taking Pre-Orders Now!

We've seen several bags that have a solid cord with a cord lock, and while these are excellent closure components for all makes of vacuum, Powervac went a different way. Using a bungee cord with a zip tie was a good start toward a new solution. But, have you ever tried to snap that off in the cold? If so, you've joined the ranks of those who know how much it can hurt and sting your frozen fingers when that bungee snaps in the icy water. At Vacbagz, it’s our business to provide a quality, well-thought-out product, and are proud to introduce a flexible elastic (bungee) cord with a simple tightening & release cord lock. This innovation answers all the complex bag closure problems with a simple and elegant solution. Do we feel like geniuses? We’ll let you decide. Allowing for better grip around vacuum necks, flexibility, and ease of removal, Vacbagz is enabling our customers even more flexibility and choice when using their battery-operated pool debris vacuums.

Later this year, we are also introducing for the upcoming winter season…

3mm Heavy Duty Leaf Debris Bag

Available Oct 1. Taking Pre-Orders Now!

The green in color bag aligns with the leaves and the end of the season. With a 15" neck and 30" in total length, the 'new' elastic (bungee) cord, and the new cord lock give ample room for this winter’s debris. 

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