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Italian Tour Leader's Viral Post Reveals Luxury Underground Wine Cellar Suite

The dream of leaping from your hotel bed straight into a pool is no longer a fantasy for some fortunate travelers, thanks to an extraordinary suite in southern Italy. Stefano Dioi, an Italian tour leader, recently captured the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of people when he posted his unique experience at the Leonardo Trulli Resort in Locorotondo, Apulia, on Instagram.

Stefano was fortunate enough to stay in the Leonardo Suite, a former 300-year-old wine cellar that has been transformed into an underground bedroom. This already remarkable space is further enhanced by a private pool entrance inside the suite, complete with steps leading into the refreshing azure water. The video Stefano shared online quickly went viral, with viewers fascinated by the expansive 35 square meter space.

Stefano, a 33-year-old tour leader hailing from Brescia, Italy, described his experience: "Upon arrival, I immediately felt at home. The underground pool is spacious, featuring both a seating and a lounging area. It was also maintained at a comfortable temperature around 35 degrees."

The pool's entrance is ingeniously located at the foot of the bed, marked by a square opening in the floor leading to steps below. The pool also boasts a water feature and underwater seating. This space was once used as a wine cellar, adding to its unique charm.

"I was fortunate enough to have the Leonardo Suite all to myself — it's the only one with an underground pool," Stefano shared. "I've never experienced such a unique accommodation before, and I plan to return before Christmas."

The suite's decor complements its natural setting, maintaining the original brick walls and adding wooden furniture and vibrant flooring. In his viral video, Stefano can be seen leaping from his bed into the pool below. The camera follows him as he swims through the clear water, showcasing the stunning architecture.

The post attracted numerous comments, with one user named Roxy exclaiming, "Awesome! I was there a few weeks ago!" Another user, Krik, humorously noted, "You go to the bathroom at night and find yourself in water, spectacular though." However, not everyone was impressed. Danny admitted, "I suffer from claustrophobia. I can't." Maria added, "Amazing! But I'm a sleepwalker, no thanks!"

For those intrigued by this unique experience, the Leonardo Suite in the Cellar starts at £500 a night and can be booked directly through the resort's website. The Leonardo Trulli Resort also offers a spa, garden, and a magnesium salt swimming pool heated to 32 degrees.

Stefano concluded: "Swimming in Puglia in October was a delightful surprise. I practiced yoga, took a cooking class to prepare typical pasta and focaccia, cycled in the countryside, and indulged in local delicacies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

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