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Team USA Dominates Santiago Swimming Meet with Multiple Medals

At the recent Santiago swimming meet, Team USA made a splash, demonstrating their prowess and commitment to the sport. One of the standout performers was Litherland, who is expected to shine in the 400m IM later this week. Despite this, he expressed satisfaction with his performance in the 400m free, acknowledging its difficulty and his desire to improve. His humility was evident as he tipped his hat to fellow competitor James.

The men's 100m breaststroke final saw Team USA clinch their first gold-silver finish in Santiago, thanks to the exceptional performances of Jacob Foster and Noah Nichols. Foster emerged as the only swimmer to record a time under one minute, clocking in at 59.99 seconds. When asked to encapsulate their medal-winning experiences in a single word, Foster chose "exciting," while Nichols humorously opted for "foreign."

The spotlight then shifted to University of Texas teammates Dakota Luther and Kelly Pash. Swimming side by side in lanes three and four, Luther secured gold with a time of 2:09.97, the only time under 2:10. Pash, on the other hand, narrowly clinched bronze, being outstripped by Mexico's Maria Mata Cocco by a mere .05 seconds at the finish line. Despite this, both Luther and Pash relished the opportunity to compete alongside each other, drawing strength from their shared energy and race strategy.

In the men's 200m butterfly, Mason Laur and Jack Dahlgren upheld Team USA's honor, finishing first and third respectively. Laur was the only competitor to record a time under 1:57.00, touching the wall at 1:56.44.

As the event drew to a close, the spotlight fell on the young men's and women's 4x100m freestyle relay teams. Both teams walked away with silver medals, with Canada's women's relay team narrowly outpacing the U.S. team consisting of Gabi Albiero, Catie de Loof, Kayla Wilson, and Amy Fulmer. On the men's side, Brazil secured gold, outstripping the U.S. team of Jonathan Kulow, Adam Chaney, Jack Aikins, and Olympic gold medalist Brooks Curry.

The relay races were a thrilling spectacle, with Albiero describing the women's relay as a "blur" due to the intense excitement and pace. Despite the nerves, she expressed joy at securing a silver medal with her teammates. Kulow echoed similar sentiments, stating that representing the USA in his first international competition and swimming in the finals was an honor. He lauded the USA relays as the "epitome of swimming."

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